“No One Can Break Me”

Eyes wide. Smile big. Heart full.
Eyes closed. Smile small.
I’ve absorbed the pain
And relinquished my tears;
A collapsed soul from all my fears.
All the walls I had built to protect my heart,
All the rules I made from the start,
Suddenly shattered at the blink of an eye
Trusting him with the key,
But blinded by the lies
Years of peace and believing such words:
Love, honesty, faith, trust;
Everything except the pixie dust
It was so perfect; it felt like magic,
But my magic ran away with him right behind it

Walls: once shattered, now built up strong.
Sealed: as they should have been all along.
No one can break me.

My chest hardens; my heart–cold
Any hope in the power of love–sold
Any hope of letting someone in–froze.

These questions have been a burden:
Will I ever love again?
Who will crack my walls within?
My walls are sealed; my heart is cold
And I fear no one can crack my code
No one can melt and awaken my soul
Or make me dream and believe in hope.
No one can break me.

But despite these negatives and all of this,
My one confession; my secret wish:
I want to feel; a soft touch, a nice kiss.
I want to re-learn all about love:
Sound, sight, touch, all of the above
I hope I can learn of love and it’s power;
Until then I am here;
Waiting by the hour.


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