My first solo trip!

Where am I going? To the Cayman Islands! I have traveled alone before, but I have always gone to places where I know people. This is the first time I am going somewhere that I am truly alone–and I couldn’t be more excited. This is my ‘post-breakup, fuck niggas cause they ain’t shit, Stella getting her groove back’ vacation! Let’s get it!

It all started when I had to use a $1500 Expedia credit for a flight I purchased to go see my fuck-boy of an ex. I had to use the credit or I would lose the money. So I picked a destination: Grand Cayman Islands. Who knew that traveling to the Cayman Islands was relatively cheap though! So now I’m wondering: how do I use this money so I don’t lose it?


First class!!!!

So I’m here flying first class for the first (and possibly last cause bitches is broke) time in my life. And I must say, so far so good! 👀😄

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